Artist :: 이규한

Kyuhan Lee
@MYSTIC Actors
수려한 외모와 안정감 있는 연기로 MBC ‘내 이름은 김삼순’, ‘볼수록 애교만점’, SBS ‘사랑만 할래’, ‘애인있어요’ 등 다양한 작품에서 활약한 이규한은 예능 프로그램을 통해서도 센스 있는 입담을 뽐내며 맹활약하고 있다. 또한 타고난 패션 센스와 다채로운 매력을 발산하며 대중들의 많은 사랑을 받고 있다.
With his handsome looks and great acting ability, Kyuhan Lee appeared in many TV dramas like ‘My name is Samsoon Kim’, ‘Charming charming’, and ‘Only love’. Recently Kyuhan Lee appeared on some entertaining shows and became a rising entertainer as well. Kyuhan Lee joined Family Actors in 2014 and has started to prepare for a new leap forward.


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