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Jieun Oh
@MYSTIC Actors
오지은은 2009년 KBS ‘수상한 삼형제’의 주연으로 열연하며 연기대상 신인상을 수상했다. 특히 KBS ‘웃어라 동해야’, JTBC ‘청담동 살아요’, SBS ‘드라마의 제왕’, MBC ‘소원을 말해봐’ 등 다수의 드라마에서 사랑스럽고 친근한 연기로 사랑 받으며 확실한 시청률 보증수표로 올라섰다.
Jieun Oh, a movie and TV actress, started her career as an heroine of KBS 2TV ‘Doubt brother’ and won a rookie award with that drama at the KBS drama acting awards. In 2010, Jieun Oh appeared on four movies like ‘Twins’, ‘My dear enemy’, ‘Possessed’, ‘Coherence’. Making an appearance on six TV dramas including ‘Smile, Donghae!’, ‘The king of Drama’, ‘Tell me your wish’ Jieun Oh is distinguishing herself as an actress.


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